Phenibut Withdrawal: A Silly Myth For Idiots

Phenibut Withdrawal: A Silly Myth For Idiots

There was once a period of my life where I had more money than I knew what to do with and nothing to spend it on. As a result, I began to buy all kinds of nootropics from shady Chinese chemical manufacturers.

One of the nootropics that I ordered in large quantities was phenibut.

Despite the fact that phenibut has a somewhat dangerous reputation – especially considering that phenibut withdrawal is something that people constantly warn about – I was optimistic.

My habit of committing to figuring things out on my own often resulted in me realizing that the “common wisdom” surrounding most topics was nothing more than nonsense regurgitated by bloggers and “medical professionals” who wanted to sound smart on the internet without running the risk of getting sued.

Fortunately for me, I’ve already embarrassed myself on the internet past the point of no return. And since I don’t have any money anyway, I highly doubt anyone is going to try to sue me.

That said, I think I have to legally warn you to take this article about phenibut withdrawal as me just relating my personal experience – NOT medical advice. K thx.

Only unprepared users experience phenibut withdrawal

I hate that so many of my recommendations come down to common sense. I feel like telling people to take a moment and think is a recipe for disaster.

Phenibut withdrawal is no exception – literally just think about it for a second and you’ll realize that the solution to phenibut withdrawal is simple: just don’t stop cold turkey.

For some reason, this doesn’t occur to most people. I have no idea why as I’ve done absolutely zero research on the topic (as usual), however from my casual observation of the people who take phenibut, it seems to come down to the following things:

  • Phenibut users are so enamored with the effects of the drug that they don’t control their dosage
  • People likely to purchase experimental drugs on the internet are less likely to take it responsibly
  • The sedative and euphoric effects of phenibut could contribute to lack of preparation on the user’s part for when they run out of the drug

Now that I think about it, these seem to all be different sides of the same coin. 

Phenibut users love phenibut so much, they forget about the potential effects of withdrawal

Phenibut users love phenibut so much, they forget about the potential effects of withdrawal

When I first started taking phenibut, I absolutely loved it. I was working from home in LA at the time and had just finished all my work for the day. About to head out to the gym, I decided to add phenibut to my pre-workout stack of supplements.

I know that phenibut isn’t normally used as a pre-workout, but I figured that I might as well add it in anyway and see what the effects were.

Let me just say: wow.

I’ll never forget it – I felt so good while driving to the gym that I hit the curb on the way because I was dancing to the music being played on the radio.

Having been a member of this particular Equinox for a few months at this point, I already knew a lot of people there. And while I would do the usual hi-hello-how-are-you minimal small talk conversations when I saw the people I recognized, I would never really have a more in-depth conversation than that.

But when I started taking phenibut, it was like someone took the leash off my personality. I became an extrovert nearly instantly and the level of my banter jumped by at least five points. I loved my new social lubrication and was instantly hooked.

My workout that day was also phenomenal. I took an athletic yoga class that was known for being extremely strenuous. I had taken it before but felt gassed halfway through. This time, however, I felt previously-unknown strength pushing me to train harder than I’ve ever trained before.

I felt like I not only had more gas in the tank, but more strength as well. I don’t think this had anything to do with my muscles, but rather the anti-anxiety effects of the drug.

My brief experience with phenibut withdrawal

My brief experience with phenibut withdrawal

All that said, it’s not all fun and games when it comes to this drug.

You always have to consider the possibility of phenibut withdrawal.

Because I had ordered 500g from a Chinese factory, I didn’t have to worry about ever running out.

That said, I remember one day I went to visit my parents a few hours outside of LA. I took my phenibut with me but decided not to take it for some reason.

About 36 hours after my most recent dose, I remember sitting at my computer and starting to get extremely angry for no reason. I blamed it on the work I was doing and decided that I needed a break, so I went out into the living room to sit with my dad and chat for a bit.

But when I was talking to my dad, I found myself getting angry at him. I snapped at him for absolutely no reason – that’s when I realized that there must be something else going on.

I’m very sensitive to the effects of drugs (or lack of drugs in this case) and always make sure to check how I’m feeling and compare it to any substances I’ve taken in the past few hours.

I realized that I hadn’t taken any phenibut that day and was about seven hours past the time when I normally take my dose. My hypothesis was that the anxiety and testiness was a result of the phenibut withdrawal.

Deciding to test my hypothesis, I went into my room and took my usual dose of one gram. Fifteen minutes later the symptoms subsided and I was my normal cheery self again.

Does phenibut withdrawal only affect stupid people?

Does phenibut withdrawal only affect stupid people?

The title of this section is written somewhat tongue in cheek – but I believe there is some truth to it.

While it’s not fair to call people who experience phenibut withdrawal stupid, it is fair to say that they don’t have the foresight to plan ahead when it comes to taking their drugs.

If you order a drug that you can only get off the internet, one would assume that you would also do a bit of research about it. There are TONS of reports of people trying to stop phenibut cold turkey and feeling like absolute trash.

The logical solution is to taper – incrementally reduce your dose every single day until you aren’t taking any. But from what I’ve read on the internet, that doesn’t seem to be what most people do.

Most people seem to be very unprepared for the day when they run out of phenibut. Despite the fact that you can COMPLETELY avoid phenibut withdrawal by ordering from the dozens of companies that can put hundreds of grams in your mailbox in less than three days, many people seem to be caught with their pants down.

While it’s entirely possible that people just feel so darn good when taking the drug that they don’t think about this ahead of time, I think anyone who buys unscheduled drugs on the internet is probably a little more “adventurous” when it comes to this sort of thing.

It’s not so much that they’re stupid – but seriously, if you buy drugs on the internet that you KNOW ahead of time will cause bad withdrawals if you stop taking them, and then you don’t properly prepare for when you run out, then what do you expect?

How to avoid phenibut withdrawal when going off the drug

How to avoid phenibut withdrawal when going off the drug

So now we get to the point of this article: how to prevent phenibut withdrawal.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the secret to phenibut withdrawal can be summed up with one word: TAPER.

In other words, you need to taper your dose until you are taking nothing.

Actually before we get into what tapering is and how to do it, let me just clarify one thing:

The BEST way to avoid phenibut withdrawal completely is to just keep taking the same dose every day. If you’re not planning on going off the drug, then why would you stop taking it?

However, if you actually want to go off the drug for some reason, then you need to taper.

You’re welcome to try quitting cold turkey, but be prepared for some cold sweats, anxiety, and some unpredictable angry feelings.

Tapering is super easy too. Let’s assume that you’re taking 1g a day and want to go off the drug.

  1. On day 1 you reduce your dose to 900 mg
  2. Day 2 you reduce your dose to 800 mg
  3. Day 3 is 700 mg.

So on and so forth until you go from 100 to 0. I don’t care who you are, you’re not going to experience withdrawals from 100mg to 0. It’s just not gonna happen.

I really wish I could expand on it more than that because this article is kind of short. But that’s really all there is to it.

How to prevent phenibut withdrawal in the first place

All that said, I do believe there are some precautions that you should take in order to make it less likely that you’ll be caught with your pants down and experience phenibut withdrawal.


Yes, I know that 1g feels amazing. So you think to yourself, “Wow, what if I take 1.5g?”

And then 1.5g turns into 2, which turns into 3, and before you know it you’re taking 8g of the drug a day and are completely hooked.

This is a bad situation to get into and something you want to avoid.

How do you avoid it? Simple: you just don’t do it.

  • How do you avoid being bulimic? Stop sticking your finger down your throat.
  • How do you avoid watching porn? Stop going to porn sites.
  • How do you avoid increasing your dose of phenibut? You stop increasing your dose of phenibut.

Sounds retardedly simple, but that’s really all there is to it.

Perhaps more dangerous than the actual increase in the drug taken is the fact that you are constantly giving in to your desire to “feel” something without putting in any effort.

Almost invariably, this behavior is done by people who have nothing interesting going on in their lives. They’re already a slave to dopamine, whether it’s in the form of video games, watching porn, or food – taking phenibut just gives them an extra method of making themselves feel good.

In situations like this, the solution really is simple: replace those negative habits with positive ones that will ultimately improve your life in a wholesome way.

Eat healthy foods, go to the gym, create a social life for yourself and you’ll feel less of a need to artificially prop up your mental state

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