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Gains Goblins – A Lifter’s Worst Enemy

If you’re going to try fasting or the Snake Diet, then you’re going to encounter some gains goblins in the form of people in your personal life.

Once they hear that you’re going to only eat once a day or once every few days, they’re going to want to give you their opinion.

As much as I hate to write an article like this, effectively trying to prep you on what to say to them, I feel it has to be done.

I hate doing it because it implies that you are doing something that needs to be defended.

I believe that fasting and the Snake Diet are right, but when you come under attack by gains goblins, you have no choice: sometimes you just have to defend yourself.

How to deal with gains goblins

One thing you have to understand is that when gains goblins try to say bad things about prolonged fasting, they’re not really saying anything bad about you.

They’re not even really talking about the diet either.

They’re really just talking to themselves.

What happens when someone hears that you’re going to try fasting is that they imagine themselves doing it.

Think of it like trying on a pair of clothes, except instead of clothes, they’re thoughts.

Without even realizing it, these people are thinking to themselves:

  • Could I do the Snake Diet?
  • Would I last for 3 days on only Snake Juice?
  • Would I enjoy fasting?
  • Would I feel good being hungry all the time?
  • What would people think of me if they found out I was trying to lose weight?

All these thoughts and more swirl through their minds when you tell them you’re going to do the Snake Diet.

This causes them to experience negative feelings. But instead of being consciously aware of what’s actually happening, they attack whatever’s in front of them.

In this case, that just happens to be you.

Friends and family – the biggest gains goblins

It’s important to remember the point I made above because you need to detach the people in your life from their behaviors.

They’re not bad, evil, spiteful or trying to bring you down.

They’re just trying to protect themselves from feeling negative emotions.

This can be said for any area where people try to improve themselves: not just losing weight on the Snake Diet.

Here’s a quick list of why gains goblins might try to talk you out of losing weight:

  • They’re worried that you’ll outgrow them
  • You won’t hang out with them anymore
  • You’ll find people cooler than them once you improve yourself
  • They’ll feel indirectly judged by your self-improvement
  • You’re forcing them to admit they have a problem
  • You’re forcing them to admit they’re not doing anything about their problem

The list goes on and on, but again, you have to understand that any confrontation between your friends and family and you is a result of them fighting with themselves.

That said, sometimes you can make them see the light, and sometimes you can’t.

How to talk to gains goblins about fasting for weight loss

How to talk to gains goblins about fasting for weight loss

In my experience, you have two ways you can handle this:

  1. Try and explain it yourself
  2. Tell them to watch Cole’s Snake Diet videos and let him try and explain it

As much as I know about fasting and OMAD, I honestly prefer the second method.

That said, I personally like watching his vidoes and find them entertaining. I know some people may be turned off by the way he talks, which is fine.

Actually, what I’ll try to do is give gains goblins the basic explanation of what fasting is and why it works.

In my experience, the simplest explanation that’s also the most effective is this:

Our bodies store fat for emergencies when there is no food around. If you are storing extra fat on your body, then you don’t need to eat.

That’s it. Those two sentences right there are all you need to say.

Don’t get bogged down with lengthy explanations about ketosis, electrolytes, blah blah blah. It’s not worth it and will only confuse things.

Just tell them that bodyfat is unnecessary and that in order to lose it, you need to let your body know that no additional food will be coming in.

Fasting is simple. Keep it simple.

What to do when a gains goblin tries to sabotage you

What to do when a gains goblin tries to sabotage you

Despite the fact that people are only dealing with their own mental issues when trying to dissuade you from doing the Snake Diet, sometimes these mental issues will lead them to actually try to sabotage you.

I once saw a video of a woman who begged her husband to get her a dog, promising that she would walk it all the time as a way to lose weight.

Instead she ended up getting the dog as fat as she was.

The dog did not look happy.

These “gains goblins” will pop up everywhere.

Most of the time they’ll be disguised as your best friends and closest family members.

It’s rare that you’ll find someone who will genuinely encourage you to improve your life AND help you along the way.

In situations like this, you have two choices:

  1. Remind them directly that you’re trying to lose weight and that they shouldn’t do anything to try to violate the rules you’ve set for yourself
  2. Avoid them completely

Both are viable solutions, but obviously one of them is more confrontational than the other.

If you have unavoidable contact with one of the people (i.e. spouse, co-worker, etc), then you pretty much have to confront them.

But if the offending individual is just a friend or casual acquaintance, then it’s easy enough to not answer their calls.

Oftentimes, we feel guilty about doing this. But all of us have people in our lives, legacy friends, that are not good for us and need to be cut out.

Maybe not permanently, but at least temporarily until they get their act together.

Or until you have enough momentum to re-integrate them back into your life without running the risk of them contributing to a relapse.

YOU are the biggest gains goblin of all

YOU are the biggest gains goblin of all

Strangers on the internet might be mean to you for no reason. This hurts a little.

Your friends might not be supportive of your desire to lose weight with fasting and make fun of you. This hurts a little more.

Family members might actively try and sabotage your efforts to adhere to the Snake Diet. This hurts a lot.

But do you know who the biggest gains goblin is?


You can’t escape yourself.

You can’t avoid that little voice in your head that says mean things to you. And you can’t blame anyone else for buying unhealthy food from the grocery store if you are the one who bought it.

It’s not the media, your upbringing, the food industry… no. It’s your fault.

You are the one who got yourself in whatever situation you’re in today.

The reason this is emphasized so strongly in the Snake Diet is because fasting requires a strong commitment to weight loss.

As with anything else in life, the Snake Diet requires you to be laser focused on your goal.

Fasting doesn’t happen on accident. Fasting requires an active desire to withhold yourself from eating food for extended periods of time.

The only one who puts the food in your mouth is you.

The only one who ACCEPTS the justification as to why you can eat “just a little bit” is you.

The only one who chooses to eat unhealthy foods instead of healthy ones is, you guessed it – Obama.

No, actually it’s you.

The perfect strategy for dealing with gains goblins

The perfect strategy for dealing with gains goblins

So this begs the question: how do you tell the people in your life that you’re doing the Snake Diet?

As with so many other things in life, the answer is simple:

You just do it.

Speaking from personal experience, I’ve wasted so much time agonizing over the perfect way to do something before finally just saying F*ck it and starting.

Every single time – without fail – I’ve regretted not starting sooner.

How you do something when you start is not how you’ll do it in a month, a year, or five years.

But as the saying goes, “A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.”

Forget about the gains goblins. Just do what you want. 

So what are you waiting for?

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